Design of LED Perimeter


Using the logo and brand slogan in the animation design, which are repeated in all boards . 

Although only logos and text slogans are used in making these animations, they have a unique charm due to having appropriate effects , 

Duration: Max 30 seconds
Proof: Max 1 proof reading


In addition to logos and slogans, images and videos are also used to design and produce advertising animations.

Animating images in making these animations makes them more attractive.
Due to repetition in other boards, it helps to convey the advertising message significantly.

Duration: Max 30 seconds 
Proof: Max 2 proof reading 



Making 3D animations to introduce the products and services
of brands along with logos, slogans, and images . The use of 3D models with other contents in making and
designing animations makes teasers more attractive.

Duration: Max 30 seconds
Proof: Max 2 proof reading

Your teaser and promotional animation will be created based
on your choice of one of the packages. After creation and design, the project will be sent to you for approval.
If it needs to be changed or modified, the changes will be made until the final approval.